10 juli 21:00 – GO BACH TO SLEEP

Wrap yourself in a blanket, lie down on the couch with some cozy pillows, and don’t worry if you happen to doze off – it’s part of the concept.
Indulge in a tranquil listening experience featuring the organ and piano.
This is a moment for those seeking relaxation, rest, and perhaps even a nap, as you lie down.
You will be treated to a selection of J. S. Bach’s most beautiful works, along with pieces from some of his peers, performed on a selection of softly registered historical organs and piano.

“What do you need in life right now?”

As a social sculptor, working with and exploring art’s potential to transform society, Jon Liinason has been the creative force behind a number of musical public collaborations such as Uppdykskören, the Swedish branch of Orgelkids, and most recently, the organ outreach concept Go Bach to Sleep. www.organacademy.org/go-bach-to-sleep